Definition of dunny man in English:

dunny man


  • A man who collects and disposes of human excrement.

    ‘milk was delivered by horse and cart and the dunny man collected their toilet waste’
    • ‘I can't recall how often the sanitary collector or dunny man called to collect our offerings.’
    • ‘The dunny man took care of business, as it were.’
    • ‘It was a time when milk was delivered by horse and cart and the "dunny man" collected their toilet waste.’
    • ‘The dunny man was drunk on his rounds at Christmas time.’
    • ‘The dunny man always delivered some sawdust which was emptied into wooden boxes that the householders kept in the lavatory.’
    • ‘The dunny man carried away the foul smelling night-soil from all of our outdoor conveniences.’
    • ‘Most streets then had a narrow service lane to provide access for services such as the dunny man.’
    • ‘You also received a visit from the dunny man, who would pick up your toilet can and leave an empty one.’
    • ‘The large cast iron pan with handles on the sides fitted under the toilet seat would be removed by the dunny man.’
    • ‘There wasn't a dunny man, not in those days, so the boy cousins used to empty the can.’