Definition of duodecimally in English:



See duodecimal

  • ‘Most common timings could be handled duodecimally with no need for time signatures.’
  • ‘His plan would teach people to count duodecimally with two new digits: eight nine deck ell ten; and this by itself would recommend it, as duodecimal arithmetic is a coming reform.’
  • ‘The figures, however, are obviously artificial, for they are usually round sums and, like the geld, frequently duodecimally based.’
  • ‘Thus the vast swath of earth subdued by Alexander the Great immediately becomes a desire-object for the contentious successors, who carve it up duodecimally; they run into Parthian and Hindu limits in the East, where the locals respond mimetically to the pattern.’
  • ‘I'll abbreviate it so that ‘12 -’ stands for ‘duodecimally negative’, ‘7 +’ stands for ‘septimally positive’ and ‘12 + +’ stands for ‘duodecimally double-positive’.’