Definition of duomo in English:



  • An Italian cathedral.

    • ‘If we weren't touring some medieval fortress, drinking delicious red wine or visiting a duomo, we were on the bus headed to our next destination.’
    • ‘Macerata's duomo, or cathedral, has an unfinished facade that is nothing spectacular, and I prefer this view, the back of the church.’
    • ‘The small duomo of the Collegiata has a series of frescoes based on the life of Christ.’
    • ‘In Florence, charging for admissions started with the baptistery and the museum of the duomo - a nuisance that did not prevent visits or prayer in the church proper.’
    • ‘While you munch on your antipasti, you can view looped clips on flat screens of the duomos and gondolas of Italy and snippets of an actress admiring ancient Roman statues.’
    • ‘The first complete afternoon, we passed the duomo, Piazza della Signoria, the Arno River - and in the end we just wanted to find a quiet little restaurant, void of tourist talk and familiar accents.’
    • ‘The author, whose previous book was the story of the Florence duomo, is a gifted, judicious, compelling narrator, who tells a complex story clearly.’
    • ‘If you're eager to have the duomo to yourself, or to stroll through the Villa Mansi with a glass of something fortifying in your hand, persuade a friend to marry in Lucca.’
    • ‘A loud Women's Lib meeting was in progress when we walked down the long street past the duomo to the Cappella Palatina.’
    • ‘As a young man (at the points where in a more conventional biography we would be expecting to hear about sexual awakening and first love) he was involved in the hoisting of a 20-ton copper orb onto the apex of Florence's duomo.’
    • ‘Went to il duomo and Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della signora.’
    • ‘In southern Italy there was a marriage of Byzantine and Romanesque styles, as can be seen at San Nicola in Bari and the duomos of Salerno, Amalfi, Troia, Trani, Molfetta and Bitonto.’


Italian, literally ‘dome’.