Definition of duopolistic in English:



See duopoly

  • ‘While it is in a duopolistic domestic railroad market, its market power was severely constrained by cross-border substitutes in the United States and by domestic substitutes such as trucking and shipping.’
  • ‘If you had told me 30 years ago that in the United States in the year 2004, no female presidential candidate had ever been nominated by either of the duopolistic parties I would not have believed you.’
  • ‘Unsurprisingly, big, politically painful structural changes, such as ending the cable franchise system, which reduces land line competition to a duopolistic farce, are nowhere in sight.’
  • ‘The best a much condensed Dons following can realistically hope for in these duopolistic times is a brush with bronze, but defeat to Motherwell yesterday dented even that humble aspiration.’
  • ‘No one wants them to fail given the duopolistic nature of the mobile phone industry, but hopefully this serves as an early warning to the company.’