Definition of dupable in English:



See dupe

  • ‘You expect twists in the plot, not too hard to get your head around, and you expect some nasty villains along with some dupable cops and lovable rogues.’
  • ‘Crop circles are formed by mischievous human beings who dupe the easily dupable into believing there is some extra-natural or supernatural cause.’
  • ‘As many of us have come to understand, there are few creatures more easily dupable than a western intellectual desperate to demonstrate his tolerance for some foreign nonsense.’
  • ‘He also thought that it humiliated a man's pride to be told that he was dupable.’
  • ‘As more people recognize that they do have a choice, that they don't need to own a car to get around town, you'll find yourself covering the auto industry's desperate attempts to find a more dupable market.’