Definition of duplet in English:



  • 1A set of two things.

    ‘Calculation of plausible maps using the Metropolis algorithm indicates that changes of the following duplets of markers are acceptable.’
    ‘Observed frequencies were calculated as proportion of AG among all possible 16 duplets in a certain position.’
    1. 1.1Music A pair of equal notes to be performed in the time of three.
      ‘In ‘Lament,’ the melody moves above continuous quarter note duplets in 6/4 meter, while ‘Elves’ features a jaunty tune in dotted rhythm, supported by open fifths.’
      pair, duo, duology, twosome, set of two, match


Mid 17th century (as a dicing term in the sense of doublets (see doublet): from Latin duplus ‘duple’, on the pattern of doublet. Current senses date from the 1920s.