Definition of duplicative in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌkātiv/


See duplicate

‘I'd like the comments to be a good and readable source of answers for readers, so I've deleted some comments that were erroneous, duplicative, nonresponsive, and the like.’
  • ‘Instead, they're building sites that tend to be derivative and duplicative of their print ‘parents,’ whose product characteristics come from a dead century.’
  • ‘I think you're exactly right, this position seems, on the surface, to be already duplicative of at least two other positions here, national security adviser and the head of the CIA.’
  • ‘These inscriptions and patterns included conical imprints whose duplicative quality insinuated the instant gratification and subsequent disposal that affects most cities.’
  • ‘And it spends billions each year in social welfare programs that are endlessly duplicative and of dubious value.’