Definition of duplicator in English:



  • A machine or device for making copies of something, in particular a machine that makes copies of documents by means of fluid ink and a stencil.

    • ‘Need a full service provider of DVD-R & CD-R media, duplicators, printers & recorders?’
    • ‘Incorporating the same 12x CD-R technology, the CD duplicator creates copies of 650MB CDs in at least six minutes.’
    • ‘He was exposed frequently to anhydrous ammonia leaks from duplicators and a microfilm processor camera, and described the odor of ammonia occurring during these leaks.’
    • ‘The printer slides into a recessed area atop the CPU, and the articulating arm that moves the CD-Rs from the duplicator to the printer installs in seconds, requiring only one wired connection.’
    • ‘In a way, a duplicator is like a highly sophisticated printer, making copies and then packaging them based on customer specifications.’
    • ‘By the mid-1990s, CD technology had advanced to the point where CD burners were coming as standard equipment in personal computers and stand-alone duplicators were in every stereo store.’
    • ‘This is essentially a DVD header file that gives the duplicator technical data associated with the disc.’
    • ‘All copies either had to be produced with carbons or on ‘skins’ fed through the temperamental duplicator.’
    • ‘In my office I was able to cut stencils on a heavy-duty office typewriter and run off sheets of grammar, comprehension and writing exercises on the office Gestetner duplicator.’