Definition of duplicitousness in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of being duplicitous; deceitfulness.

    ‘he realizes the duplicitousness of his superiors' dealings’
    • ‘A scene where Vinny stages a series of fake auto accidents to raise the funeral money is laugh-out-loud funny for its matter-of-fact duplicitousness.’
    • ‘Thomson herself does not fully capture the risk in Mirandolina's skillful duplicitousness or the sense she may be getting caught in her own trap.’
    • ‘The dramatic situation among the speaker, the young man and the dark lady comes into view, with passion, sexual ambiguity and duplicitousness.’
    • ‘They show some admiration for the devious things that they perceive women to be doing but, on the other hand, they decry that same duplicitousness.’
    • ‘In saying one thing and doing something else she's simply underscored the duplicitousness we all feel politicians are capable of.’
    • ‘He ended up cast out of his native society after he realized the duplicitousness of his superiors' dealings with the Africans.’
    • ‘This policy actually has a lot of logic to it, so we should perhaps give them credit for their good sense, if not their duplicitousness.’
    • ‘What the writer is trying to do is so simple in its moral duplicitousness that it deserves no polite reply.’
    • ‘Using the word trickery implies duplicitousness on Nature's part.’
    • ‘The party leadership's sometimes duplicitousness and slipperiness on the issue of Europe is what will cost us our place in the EU.’
    evasiveness, unreliability, unpredictability