Definition of dur in English:



(also der)
informal British
  • Used to comment on a foolish or stupid action, especially someone else's.

    • ‘The fact that they won't pay NHS doctors and nurses enough means that the NHS has spent 2.5 bn on - dur!’
    • ‘People say things, and may mean something else. Some of you reading this may think "dur, yeah, what's so strange about that?"’
    • ‘And so, armed with the knowledge that all these people I know are reading the site on a regular basis, does it affect what I write? Well dur!’
    • ‘In your 'Animals dive in' feature you state that a domestic cat can hold its breath under water for 30 seconds. Well der! Moggies can't even swim!’
    • ‘The waitress gave me a look that said 'Der!' and left before I could thank her.’
    • ‘If you want to see the sunset from your hotel, then of course you must say on the western side of the island. Der.’
    • ‘That was Monday; today is Wednesday. Dur.’