Definition of duramen in English:



mass nounBotany
  • The heartwood of a tree.

    • ‘Duramen is resistant; therefore, pieces made entirely out of duramen need no preservation.’
    • ‘High natural durability, duramen is resistant against biological attack; however it's resistance to underwater insects is low, vacuum-pressure chamber is recommended.’
    • ‘Also, in general, the quality of a bolt is roughly divided into a comparatively hard alburnum and a comparatively soft duramen, and usually, each part has a different moisture content and/or color.’
    • ‘The sapwood and the duramen are therefore eliminated by splitting, and then the plank is planed down until no irregularities are left in the wood (such as knots).’
    • ‘The characterization and utilization of molecules of interest such as the phenolic molecules found in the duramen of certain species (tannins, flavonoids, naphtoquinones) with strong antioxidant properties which are toxic for pathogenic organisms (bacteria, fungi, insects) represent a future pathway for enhancing the value of wood products.’


Mid 19th century from Latin, literally ‘hardness’, from durare ‘harden’.