Definition of durchkomponiert in English:



  • (of a composition, especially a song) not based on repeated sections or verses, especially having different music for each verse.

    • ‘His music was not composed in small blocks, but was durchkomponiert - composed with ongoing continuity.’
    • ‘In durchkomponiert music like Wagner, no matter how stunning, you keep quite as a mouse until the end of the act.’
    • ‘The durchkomponiert character of this movement may also represent an homage to Schumann, who developed that style in his lieder.’
    • ‘However, closer study shows that the writing already exhibits embryonically those traits which characterise Mozart's mature works: some innovative elements of independence of the vocal and instrumental lines are evident, as are the first stirrings of durchkomponiert writing within individual movements and of coherence between them.’
    • ‘However, over the last decade the urge has been transformed and channeled into a highly focused, disciplined school of through-composed, what the Germans once called durchkomponiert, improvisational music.’


From German, from durch ‘through’ + komponiert ‘composed’ (because the music is different throughout).



/ˌdʊəxˈkɒmpɒnɪət/ /ˌdʊrçkɔmpoˈniːrt/