Definition of Durex in English:



Trademark; British
  • A contraceptive sheath; a condom.

    • ‘No, don't know about those things, teacher said knowing the Holy Ghost was more important than knowing how to get a Durex.’
    • ‘Tales of Durex reminded the East Londoner of a similar act of innocence when he served on board SA Waterberg.’
    • ‘Crossing Euston Rd at Baker St, I take a deep breath and hold it against traffic fumes, till I reach the other side. I buy things on my shopping list, Durex, tissues, baby oil.’
    • ‘From my two polythene bags, come a lacy mauve top, sarong and underwear, cleansers, make-up, Durex and books on self-hypnosis and one on healthy eating and fasting.’
    • ‘The cover of the June issue offers free beer and Durex, but my copy just contained a packet of Extra Strong Mints, which I'm trying not to take personally.’
    • ‘I went on the pill, had severe side effects and had to come off within only a few weeks, was using C-Film and Durex, and fell for my third child.’
    • ‘And so, eventually arriving at the counter, I manfully demanded a box of Durex.’
    • ‘It was too late to turn back so I brusquely said ‘I want a packet of Durex please’.’
    • ‘Unfortunately his truths are as thin as a new generation Durex which had been pasted on with a glue the consistency of flour and spit, and they are as illusory as the ‘Phantom True Blue’, labour voters in Western Sydney.’
    • ‘The opportunity cost of your 11 minutes of ecstasy versus an empty wallet - shell out the $8.99 for the box of Durex and make us both happy, huh?’
    • ‘Although if it ever did happen, I would like to see the face of the person who purchases Durex with the slogan 100% recycled on the label!’
    • ‘The area, which was recently cleaned up, looks like a testing site for Durex.’


1930s name invented by the manufacturers, probably based on Latin durare ‘to last’.