Definition of Durham quilt in English:

Durham quilt


  • A quilt made by sewing together a piece of fabric, an inner wad, and a lining, the stitches making decorative patterns.

    • ‘The quilts made in this region are known as North Country quilts or (less precisely) as Durham quilts.’
    • ‘A surface pattern is often created through quilting as in Durham quilts and Greek and Italian quilts.’
    • ‘Strippy quilts typify the regional traditions of the 19th Century North of England, or Durham quilts.’
    • ‘Maribeth loves quilting by hand or machine and is particularly fond of Welsh and Durham quilts.’
    • ‘The twenties were a successful for the quilting revival, there were exhibitions of Durham quilts in the country's capital and quilters were paid by the square foot for their wears.’
    • ‘Six months passed and it was now about the first of December and I finally received a response from an English woman who had a Durham quilt, and was I still interested?’
    • ‘It is reported that Jen has one of the finest quilt shops in the British Isles and a superb collection of Welsh and Durham quilts.’
    • ‘Her inspiration comes from the traditions of two continents: American Amish quilts and British whole-cloth quilts such as the Durham quilts.’
    • ‘My great-grandmother hand-stitched Durham quilts in the early 20th century to supplement her husband's miner's wages to bring up their family of 7 living children, and one day I would love to make one… but I'll not hold my breath because it would take me years!’
    • ‘The Spanish clothing behemoth, known for its designer copies for a fraction of the price, has branched out into goods for the home and is working its magic in this sector in much the same way - very reasonable Durham quilts, cheap towels, and a shagpile rug for £130.’
    • ‘And the Durham quilt wrapped over the headboard is vintage too.’
    • ‘But the Durham quilts though popular, were later eclipsed by the Eiderdowns, filled with the soft, warm and light down feathers of the eider duck.’