Definition of duricrust in English:



  • A hard mineral crust formed at or near the surface of soil in semi-arid regions by the evaporation of groundwater.

    ‘resistant bedrock or duricrusts appear at the surface’
    mass noun ‘he crunched over concrete and then duricrust’
    • ‘A resistant rock cap such as a hard sandstone or a duricrust is one possibility.’
    • ‘The Molopo River was sampled by first removing the duricrust and then sampling the underlying sediments.’
    • ‘Due to the scarceness of datable sediments saprolites and duricrusts were widely used as defining features.’
    • ‘The more water soluble duricrusts, such as calcrete and gypcrete, can have solution holes or pits.’
    • ‘This duricrust has hindered mineral exploration, beyond the valley floors, for the past 70 years.’


1920s from Latin durus ‘hard’ + crust.