Definition of durmast oak in English:

durmast oak


another term for sessile oak
  • ‘Get through the few fields near the village and slowly enter into a wood of durmast oaks, turkey oaks and hornbeam.’
  • ‘By contrast, the acorns of durmast oak are either stalkless or have very short stalks less than 0.3 cm. long, and it is this sessile feature which gives this species its common name.’
  • ‘Turning to trees, you'll see holm oaks and durmast oaks, chestnut trees, beeches, the occasional poplar, and maritime pines.’
  • ‘Common and durmast oaks, some of them of large, dominate the lowland forest.’
  • ‘This tree, the sessile or durmast oak, has these features reversed - acorns without stalks (hence its common name) but confusingly, leaves with stalks but without auricles.’


Late 18th century durmast perhaps originally an error for dunmast, from dun+ mast.


durmast oak