Definition of Duroc in English:



  • A pig of a reddish breed developed in North America.

    • ‘But while there were Saddlebacks, Welsh Blacks, Large Blacks, Large Whites, Lops, Landrace and Durocs, among others, there were no Tamworths.’
    • ‘The Duroc is a heavy breed, and it yields really good roasts.’
    • ‘Other notable USA breeds are the Duroc, a red breed from New Jersey, and the Poland China from Ohio.’
    • ‘In addition to these Chinese samples, the genomes of three European pigs were examined: Landrace, Large White, and Duroc.’
    • ‘Semen is already sent out from Landrace, Large White and Duroc for the commercial breeders, so sending out semen from rare breeds just seemed a logical progression.’


Early 19th century from the name of a stallion that is said to have been bought by the breeder Isaac Frink on the same day as the pigs from which he developed the breed.