Definition of durum in English:


(also durum wheat)


mass noun
  • A kind of hard wheat grown in arid regions, having bearded ears and yielding flour that is used to make pasta.

    Triticum durum, family Gramineae

    • ‘Pasta can be made from soft wheat, durum wheat, buckwheat, rice, soya beans and mung beans.’
    • ‘It expects total production for its six major crops wheat, barley, durum, canola, flax and oats to reach 50 million tonnes this year, up from 43 million last year.’
    • ‘It was caused by a pathogen that invaded the wheat grain, and also affected durum wheats and triticale.’
    • ‘Made with durum wheat flour and water, dried pasta is sturdy enough to stand up to a variety of sauces.’
    • ‘The authors argue that the CWB has monopoly control over the marketing of western Canadian wheat, durum, and barley, but it does not have such control over the world grain markets.’
    • ‘Items to be covered include options in crop sequences, wheat breeding directions, tramline farming, potential for durum wheats, lupins and various pests and their control.’
    • ‘In fact, however, a finer semolina flour is available; this is used for making pasta, so durum wheat is sometimes called macaroni wheat.’
    • ‘Oats, with their high content of viscous B-glucan, elicit a lower glycemic response, as do products made from durum wheat, like pasta or parboiled rice.’
    • ‘Back then, the Durum Triangle of north-central North Dakota produced most of the nation's durum, a wheat used to make pasta.’
    • ‘Their portability from bread wheat to durum wheat has been verified by PCR amplification in durum wheat, using primers defined for bread wheat under the same PCR conditions.’
    • ‘There's talk among growers, particularly in South Australia, which has had two bad springs; that they're not going to grow as much durum as they have.’
    • ‘The amount farmed to cotton varies with water availability, but never more than half the area, and it's done in a rotation with durum wheat and malting barley.’
    • ‘As a result, members have increasingly been purchasing durum from a non-member wheat pool, threatening the cooperative status of the business (which, by law, must receive at least 51 percent of its input from members).’
    • ‘However, only durum and common wheat are currently used for food production, accounting for 4 and 96% of the total wheat acreage, respectively.’
    • ‘The fact is private companies will take little interest in small acreage crops for the Canadian prairies like winter wheat, durum, and so on.’
    • ‘Pasta on the other hand is usually made from durum wheat, a harder kind of wheat which has more gluten, offers a higher protein-to-starch ration, but takes forever to cook.’
    • ‘North Dakota is the top U.S. grower of durum and hard red spring wheat and often challenges Kansas as the No.1 wheat state.’
    • ‘Perhaps 2,000 years later, durum wheat hybridised with goat grass to give us bread wheat.’
    • ‘Place the durum and corn flour in the bowl of a food processor.’
    • ‘Similar rulings were made against the German prohibition on foreign beers containing additives in 1987 and against the Italian prohibition on the sale of foreign pasta products not made from durum wheat in 1988.’


Early 20th century from Latin, neuter of durus ‘hard’, used in the species name since 1798.