Definition of durwan in English:



  • A porter or doorkeeper.

    • ‘She had witnessed the fight between the durwans and dacoits and the flight and pursuit of her mistress.’
    • ‘But the lofty merchant princes had fallen hard, the priests had shuffled off, and the profane durwans took over.’
    • ‘Twenty-four stately king palms herald you into the porch where sturdy and gracious durwans welcome you to the hotel.’
    • ‘A month later on 12 th November, in Tangail, Rs.15,000 was taken away from him and two durwans of Messrs.’
    • ‘One New Year's Even out in the open with the temperature dropping, in the middle of the thatched huts and the dressed up durwans toting rifles, sways a glittering lahenga and bare midriff.’
    • ‘If an Official or employees is not known to the durwans at the entrance, he should enter his name and designation in the visitors' book.’
    • ‘Swing the gates open… Mind you the durwans were on duty.’
    • ‘The durwans made the most in terms of tips as everyone wanted their particular set of wheels to be parked in the front porch.’
    • ‘Other times she does tell us what the word means, to her at least, such as ‘These men were the durwans, the gatekeepers.’’
    • ‘Bani opened the gate and crossed the garden, now no durwans or gardeners were employed, the garden was overgrown… one day a few people will be sent from the village to cut the grass and take it as fodder.’
    • ‘Yet it has more than a thousand durwans from the posse of SSF and others - we are dumbfounded into a realization, that only a few hundred weapons have been traced from more than two hundred and fifty thousand.’
    • ‘They have written about how the household was maintained, stories about the awe-inspiring world of innumerable servants, cooks, chaprasis, durwans, gardeners, and others, that were long guarded in the bosom of the Raj Bhavan.’
    • ‘We had suspected that one of our durwans spent much of his time in sleeping while on duty at night, though we didn't stay awake to catch him; but we have felt quite safe for the guards at the Burmese Naval Minister's gate across the road were always armed.’
    • ‘‘The guardians have also been asked to verify from the local police the antecedents of their three Ds - drivers, domestic helps and durwans - working in their homes,’ the Deputy Inspector-General of Police told us here today.’


Late 18th century Urdu darwān, from Persian.