Definition of duskily in English:



See dusky

  • ‘Once again, our favorite Upper East Side social diary shows us that, yes, indeed, she had duskily complected ‘best pals.’’
  • ‘Then he fashions Pastis, a ‘working-class’ beanery so duskily stunning and Galliphilic that the current City of Light can boast no new restaurant as unabashedly evocative of its past.’
  • ‘At the pot-luck, I talked to a vampirish beauty called Dafna, who paints duskily supernatural tableaux which she calls ‘Art for Healing’.’
  • ‘He was seeing her smile, seeing her dancing in the duskily lit restaurant, seeing her look into his eyes before she kissed him.’
  • ‘The sun was setting, the room was beginning to fade duskily into night, and every creak sounded like the footsteps they awaited on the stairs.’