Definition of dust and ashes in English:

dust and ashes


  • Used to convey a feeling of great disappointment or disillusion about something.

    ‘the party would be dust and ashes if he couldn't come’
    • ‘A book may safely age, and so it matters not a jot if one waits another year to read it; try it now, 'tis dust and ashes, wait a year, it is a feast, with table settings and all.’
    • ‘If he were able to remember - really remember - that voice, he would hunger only to hear it once more, and its perfection would turn all other voices, all other music, to dust and ashes in his mouth.’
    • ‘I'm glad, it seems so wrong to think of them lying side by side, even though I know there's nothing left of them but dust and ashes.’
    • ‘Time and time again he let it run away with him and leave him with dust and ashes.’