Definition of dust mop in English:

dust mop


  • A long-handled mop with a soft, fluffy head, used to collect dust from floors and walls.

    • ‘Step it up OK, Cinderella, put away the tiara and go for the dust mop.’
    • ‘The surface of a dust mop is dry and not moistened with a disinfectant before use; therefore, it may spread contaminants to other areas of the floor rather than picking up the dirt and debris.’
    • ‘He has always viewed Lola as a ‘good-for-nothing who sits around all day, never even shaking a dust mop.’’
    • ‘And later on when they needed help, we were there with a bag of groceries, a sympathetic shoulder, a broom and dust mop, or money to pay the light bill.’
    • ‘‘Well you've got to respect a girl who disabled two tactical officers with a dust mop,’ said the guard.’
    • ‘Imagine it, a man with an apron on, holding a dust mop.’
    • ‘In the dimly lit room, a custodian walks methodically back and forth, pushing a broad white dust mop.’
    • ‘Ron looks up, follows the line of fire escapes and sees the shaggy head of a dust mop jabbing the air.’
    • ‘Start by sweeping away all loose dirt and debris with a dust mop or a push broom.’
    • ‘Spills can also be quickly grabbed with a dust mop.’