Definition of dust ruffle in English:

dust ruffle


  • A sheet with a deep pleated or gathered border that is designed to hang down over the mattress and sides of a bed.

    ‘It was the only explanation for not only being able to loft my bed, but design a floor length dust ruffle as well.’
    • ‘Matching print sheets, pillow shams and bed skirt, dust ruffle, window dressing, bed canopy for camelback or regular canopies and a whole collection of other accessories give you lots to mix and match to best fit your space.’
    • ‘In late breaking news, he talks about buying a dust ruffle.’
    • ‘Perhaps it's her Halloween costume from the legendary time she went as a dust ruffle.’
    • ‘She added pattern in small doses - a striped dust ruffle, damask throw, toile pillows - again using red to punch up the neutral scheme.’
    • ‘We found some material for the dust ruffle with animals on it.’
    • ‘Her heart pounding, she collapses by the bed, shoving the dust ruffle away from her and searching in the darkness below.’
    • ‘In the meantime they must be properly fed, so when we get home from church she rushes to her bed and lifts the dust ruffle to pull out the box.’
    • ‘From where she was sitting, she saw a piece of paper lying on the floor, just peeking out from the dust ruffle on the bed.’
    • ‘She gets to her hands and knees and pokes around beneath the dust ruffle, sucking on her upper lip in thought.’
    • ‘She lifted the dust ruffle on the sofa and we looked under there’
    • ‘The raw silk dust ruffle was the same color blue as the walls and allowed the ivory inlaid legs of the bed to peak through.’
    • ‘The matching cover to the bed hung to just above the floor, the small gap revealing a heavy dust ruffle.’
    • ‘I flipped over and pulled up the dust ruffle, checking underneath the bed once more.’
    • ‘Have you ever thought of using old lace curtains as a dust ruffle for your bed?’
    • ‘The absence of a dust ruffle and other frills keeps the room from being froufrou.’
    • ‘Of course, she found the money to buy herself a new one, with dust ruffle to match.’
    • ‘Towels have pockets for dorm keys, and dust ruffles double as cargo-type storage space.’