Definition of dust trap in English:

dust trap


  • Something on, in, or under which dust readily gathers.

    ‘fabric-covered furniture acts as a dust trap’
    • ‘‘It's a dust trap,’ he sighs, as he dismantles a ferocious-looking German suit of armour for cleaning.’
    • ‘It just sounds like that, this house is a dust trap and coming home to a filthy kitchen and an apparently broken boiler was not fun.’
    • ‘All those buttons, screens and winking lights just say ‘dust trap’ to us these days, and as a result devices that fold, buzz, and gently glow no longer hold the attraction they once did.’
    • ‘Social climbers may have sniffed at them as ‘dust traps’ but there was no doubting they were warm, inexpensive and hard-wearing.’
    • ‘Dust mites are microscopic spider-like creatures that feed on flakes of human skin and reside in bedding, carpets, upholstery, draperies and other ‘dust traps.’’
    • ‘Aerosolized organisms are a potential source of infection, through outdoor air with open windows, improperly cleaned ventilation systems, or locally from computer consoles and other dust traps.’
    • ‘At the top of the transfer chamber is a dust trap.’
    • ‘A tent, no matter how clean, is a dust trap and every little movement sets up air currents that make the dust airborne and carry it to your film.’