Definition of dustball in English:



North American
  • A ball of dust and fluff.

    ‘dustballs under the bed’
    • ‘After 29 naps and 13 rounds of Cat Chow, he's probably up for more stimulation than chasing dustballs.’
    • ‘These ruminations are chased from my mind like dustballs when the band takes the stage to the deafening approval of their awaiting minions.’
    • ‘In September, return visitors to an Edinburgh guesthouse said it was time to ‘rethink the three-star rating’, complaining that the linens were ‘soiled’ and the carpet was littered with ‘crumbs and dustballs’.’
    • ‘Waving away the floating dustballs the woman shoved her nose back at the shelves curiously.’
    • ‘They will turn into a dustball for motorcyclists to scramble in and this will cause a nuisance.’
    • ‘She rolled her pencil between two fingers as if it were a useless dustball.’
    • ‘Since I would go to Tibet if I chose, but could not transmute dustballs into gold under any circumstances, only the first course of action is in this sense a possibility for me.’
    • ‘Our planet is humid, hot, muggy, so hot that it would be a barren dustball if it wasn't almost totally covered with water, more so than Earth, which keeps the atmosphere perpetually damp.’
    • ‘Five years ago, he had been nothing but a boy, a farmer's son, on a dustball of a planet that had barely existed in anyone's mind.’
    • ‘We really need to give that dustball a name soon.’
    • ‘Or I could wage a war of extermination against them, and their leader, a sentient giant dustball named Rupert.’
    • ‘The song (a track meant originally as a collaboration between the two artists) bounces and along like a dub filled dustball, gathering speed and size as it rolls down a steep hill.’
    • ‘Few came to greet me when I landed on this dustball.’
    fuzz, lint, dust