Definition of dustbath in English:



  • A bird's rolling in dust to clean its feathers.

    • ‘Birds need grit and places they can take a dust bath, which helps them rid their feathers of mites and other parasites.’
    • ‘Too many critics seem to treat their own writings more as a dust bath for something bothering them than as a means of slaking the thirst for knowledge of the professional or amateur student.’
    • ‘Now that most of the old undergrowth has been removed the birds are swooping to get all the insects and worms I've disturbed as well as enjoying the occasional dust bath.’
    • ‘The hopeful buds of roses scorch before their time is come while disconsolate hens settle for a dry dust bath.’
    • ‘The other part of the problem is that the hens have their dust bath in the bed.’
    • ‘She also tells you how to set up nest boxes, manage the chickens in winter and even how to insure your chickens get their essential dust bath.’
    • ‘As I look at where Bhadra stands this morning giving herself a dust bath I find it hard to accept she will not be coming back.’
    • ‘Now, what people don't know is that a chinchilla can stay clean by dust baths.’
    • ‘Chickens love dust baths and gleefully dig in and nestle.’
    • ‘Still, I get a kick out of watching our hens roam around the yard, digging and scratching, or taking dust baths.’
    • ‘They spend most of their time on the ground and take frequent dust baths.’
    • ‘The trunk is also used for smell, touch and in drinking, greeting or throwing dust for dust baths.’



/ˈdəstbaTH/ /ˈdəstbæθ/