Definition of dustcoat in English:



  • 1A coat worn for protection against dust.

    • ‘The strikers had returned to work after a previous strike action in June this year after management had promised to supply protective clothing - dustcoats, welding masks, overalls, clear goggles, gloves and dust masks.’
    • ‘Those early pictures in the family album showing ladies with hats, veils and scarves and men in dustcoats were not so much fashion statements as a reflection of necessity.’
    • ‘‘Looking for anything in particular?‘said the shopkeeper, who was a shortish, grey-haired man in a brown dustcoat.’
    • ‘Aggie is bespectacled, Scottish and petite. In her white dustcoat she looks like a laboratory boffin, an appearance that she reinforces by talking about ‘microbes’ with her delicious, rolling Scottish accent.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for duster (sense 2)