Definition of dustheap in English:



  • 1dated A heap of waste or discarded material.

    ‘the dustheaps of Victorian London’
    • ‘In other words, what we have here is a definition so broad that a ‘material’ that might be used in a Grades 1-8 classroom such as a book that exceeds 200 pages will be tossed in the dustheap.’
    • ‘Is it consigned to the dustheap of great possibilities because there is no audience for such a work, or should an audience be forced to sit through the play and somehow find a way to relate to people and stories that are not about them?’
    • ‘Shakespeare fixed the idea of fairies, consigning some fairies forever to the dustheap and conferring immortality on his own creations.’
    • ‘Though a mote in the dustheap of society, he is no derelict.’
    • ‘Brother-sister relationships that had been forgotten in the dustheap of time are being shaken out and put on display for the whole world to see.’
    dump, refuse dump, rubbish dump, refuse heap, rubbish heap, refuse tip, rubbish tip, dumping ground, dustheap, slag heap
    1. 1.1A state or condition of being discarded or rejected as no longer useful or required.
      ‘a figure who is forgotten and consigned to the dustheap of history’
      ‘New Yorkers wonder whether the plan is headed for the dustheap as soon as there's a new mayor in town’