Definition of dustily in English:



See dusty

  • ‘And when it's not keeping you dry it's always ready as a ‘perhaps bag’, for those times when you're passing an open tray of small, dustily tempting treasures outside a junk shop and you've pocket money left over.’
  • ‘Old and young alike emerge dustily from the scrum, flourishing their trophies.’
  • ‘When he had a good-sized bouquet, he wriggled into the hole and back through the craggy tunnels, coming out - a little dustily - in the cave where the hospital had been built.’
  • ‘The moon lighted the street dustily not particularly aided by the lamp posts, half of which were broken and half of which gave out a weak pale light.’
  • ‘Inside, sunlight filtered dustily through rows of high windows and settled over the empty pews.’