Definition of dustiness in English:



See dusty

  • ‘I don't get the licorice or the dustiness, but the rest is right on the mark.’
  • ‘It has blackberry flavors and a nice tannic dustiness, with plenty of acid and none of the flaws that distinguish cheap wine: It isn't lopsided, or boring, or flabby, or insipid.’
  • ‘Summer is great, especially early summer when everything is still lush and fresh and green, and hasn't taken on the washed out dustiness of July and August, when the countryside seems a little tired and limp.’
  • ‘There was nothing to indicate this place had been shut up for most of the past year: except that - was it just my imagination, or was there a hint of mustiness or dustiness in the air?’
  • ‘But with such encyclopaedic resources, some dustiness of tone is perhaps inevitable.’