Definition of Dutch barn in English:

Dutch barn


  • A farm building with a curved roof set over a steel, timber, or concrete frame without walls, used for storing hay.

    • ‘Police are investigating a suspicious blaze that destroyed 150 tonnes of straw, valued at between £4,000 and £5,000, in a Dutch barn at a farm in Coate, near Devizes, at the weekend.’
    • ‘You make NASA look like toytown and you did it from a Dutch barn on a farm just outside Hyrll.’
    • ‘Hay worth £130 to £140 was destroyed by fire which broke out in a Dutch barn at Cemetery Farm in Rooley Lane, Bradford.’
    • ‘There was a farm with an elegant Dutch barn and a 50-foot diameter pit nicely filed by trees not rubbish.’
    • ‘In brief, the enforcement notice concerned four former agricultural buildings, including two Dutch barns or similar, grouped around a yard.’
    • ‘But the family's application for planning consent to develop the site of an aging Dutch barn behind Goathland parish church into a terrace of four ‘locals only’ cottages has dismayed some residents worried about the image of the village.’
    • ‘Three of the farm's five balers were burned out, and a forklift truck, two tractors, a trailer, a lorry, the farm's own weighbridge and office were lost, along with the two Dutch barns.’
    • ‘By day five, York troops were tackling their first major blaze, on a farm near Long Marston, which caused £20,000 of damage to hay bales and a Dutch barn.’
    • ‘If it had still been a farmyard, the applicant would have been within his rights to erect a massive Dutch barn right next to the boundary fence, so in some ways they are better off.’
    • ‘But the panel chairman said its decision was based entirely on the issue of the Dutch barn.’
    • ‘She also hopes that they will be able to wander in a huge enclosure that is to be set out on the site of a former Dutch barn next to the cattery.’
    • ‘He was woken by his dogs barking at 12.20 am and he looked out of his window to see his five bay Dutch barn alight.’


Dutch barn