Definition of Dutch doll in English:

Dutch doll


  • A jointed wooden doll.

    • ‘The luckiest children got a Dutch doll or a doll's house, or a new gift which was gaining tremendous popularity at the time, a teddy bear.’
    • ‘Accordingly, she began making Dutch dolls and some small monkeys, which she dressed in gay colors.’
    • ‘Collectors delight in the range of dolls available throughout history, from Dutch dolls with articulated limbs to the lavishly dressed French dolls of the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Beside the many postcards, calendars and key chains, there are t-shirts galore ranging from tiny to extra big, Dutch dolls in typical dress, colourful wooden shoes and authentic Royal Delft ware.’
    • ‘This Dutch doll was lovingly named ‘May’ after the delightful lady who brought her to life in the quilt from which the square was copied.’
    • ‘I let the children play with her that come to see me, but her joints don't work as they were made to; the rain that night warped my Dutch doll.’
    • ‘This doll features bold colors and the rich expressions of animal faces; however, today one can see only familiar dolls such as a Western woman with a child, a Dutch doll with a gun, and a Chinese doll holding a chicken.’
    • ‘She rides a broomstick to the moon with her Dutch Doll.’
    • ‘I love these Dutch dolls.’