Definition of Dutch oven in English:

Dutch oven


  • 1A covered earthenware or cast-iron container for cooking casseroles.

    • ‘Place the chicken pieces and the soup broth ingredients, except the salt, in a Dutch oven or a casserole.’
    • ‘A cast-iron Dutch oven of hot baked beans and a tray of bright silver eating tools sat at the other end of the serving table.’
    • ‘Pour oil into a large saucepan, Dutch oven, or wok to a depth of about 3 inches.’
    • ‘If you like making a lot of stews and soups, invest in a good Dutch oven or stockpot.’
    • ‘Pour chicken broth into a large pot, Dutch oven, or stockpot.’
    • ‘A Dutch oven or large pot produces crispy chicken too.’
    • ‘Place the onions in a large, deep saucepan or Dutch oven, and drizzle and toss with about ¼ cup olive oil.’
    • ‘To cook in a wok, Dutch oven or fryer, add oil to 3 inches deep and heat to 375 degrees.’
    • ‘In Dutch oven, heat 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil over high heat until just smoking.’
    • ‘Bring 4 quarts water to rolling boil in large Dutch oven or stockpot.’
    • ‘Pour the oil to a depth of roughly 4 inches in a large, deep saucepan or Dutch oven.’
    • ‘In a Dutch oven, sauté garlic in the olive oil for 1 minute.’
    • ‘In a Dutch oven, sauté vegetables and spices in the oil.’
    • ‘Combine the fruit, sugar, and lemon juice in a large pot or Dutch oven, and let macerate at room temperature for two hours, stirring occasionally.’
    • ‘Slightly oil the bottom of a Dutch oven with olive oil.’
    • ‘In a Dutch oven, heat oil over high heat until just smoking.’
    • ‘In a large Dutch oven, heat the butter or margarine, add the onions and the garlic, sauté until light golden.’
    • ‘Potatoes and vegetables combined with meat in a Dutch oven, fish, and soups are typical.’
    • ‘Heat all oil in 5-to 6-quart Dutch oven or other large pot over medium heat.’
    • ‘Cook and stir lamb, onion and garlic in oil in 4-quart Dutch oven over medium heat until lamb is no longer pink.’
    cooking utensil, container, receptacle, vessel
    1. 1.1historical A large cooking pot or metal box serving as a simple oven, heated by being placed under or next to hot coals.
      • ‘Caveman Bill cooked it outside in his big cast-iron Dutch oven.’
      • ‘When the coals are ready, a French marble cake will cook in a Dutch oven.’
      • ‘Mounds of wood stood ready to stoke smoky campfires being used as Dutch ovens.’
      • ‘If you'd rather cook and tend campfires than swim, run, surf or sail, ‘learn to churn out gourmet on-the-go feasts, like breakfast quiche or Cornish game hen, from a Dutch oven and an open flame.’’
      • ‘Strong camp coffee and authentic chuck-wagon meals - including a fresh-baked dessert from a Dutch oven - cap off this living history lesson.’
    2. 1.2South African A brick or clay oven traditionally built into the side of a kitchen hearth or as a free-standing structure outside a house.