Definition of Dutch tile in English:

Dutch tile


  • A kind of glazed white tile painted with traditional Dutch motifs in blue or brown.

    • ‘Evans chose his country of expatriation well, because his work, drawn in pencil or pen and gently tinted with watercolor, has the delicacy of touch and romantic perfection one often sees in Dutch tiles.’
    • ‘Although Dutch tiles are commonly referred to as ‘Delft’, this is merely a generic designation.’
    • ‘The interior, however, is decorated with pseudo-Chinese motifs, often using Dutch tiles in place of Chinese ones.’
    • ‘But even without this commercial side, the collecting of tiles - and early Dutch tiles in particular - has been a highlight of our buying and selling.’
    • ‘Our classic handformed and handpainted Dutch tiles are made to order for our customers by historical methods in Holland.’
    • ‘There is much to see in the museum about the painting and firing of tiles and the historical development of Dutch tiles is also shown.’
    • ‘Perhaps most impressive of all was visiting the home and studio of our guide Joop van der Werf, who collects historic Dutch tiles and who specializes in historic tile replication.’
    • ‘The huge fireplace with its Dutch tiles furnishes further evidence of the antiquity of this chamber.’
    • ‘According to quality and production facility Dutch tiles kept a thickness between 0,6 and 0,8 cm maintained into the 20th century.’
    • ‘Over time, the Spanish and Italian influences waned as other influences took precedence and Dutch tiles developed their own special characteristics.’
    • ‘This is a high-class document for every one who is interested in and working with Dutch tiles.’
    • ‘Identical Dutch tiles were found in the Upper Castle in Vilnius.’
    • ‘Doubtless many of the ‘blue and white chimney tile’ so largely advertised were English manufactures imported under the name of Dutch tiles, while still others were not chimney, but roof tiles.’
    • ‘On my own part, till I went into the show, I knew woefully little about the history of Dutch tiles, the only name standing out in the mind being ‘Delft’.’
    • ‘Oftentimes the white plaster back walls of jambless fireplaces would be adorned with courses of imported blue and white or mulberry and white Dutch tiles.’
    • ‘Native potters copied the technique and in the seventeenth century they began to manufacture the distinctive blue and white Dutch tiles.’


[with object]usually as adjective Dutch-tiled
  • Decorate with Dutch tiles.

    ‘Dutch-tiled fireplaces’
    • ‘Its owners have lovingly retained features such as the two 17th century Dutch-tiled fireplaces and the tiled kitchen.’
    • ‘Each room has its own colour decoration and theme, including the Red Room, the Lime Green Room, a Dutch-tiled bathroom and even a Coco Chanel Room.’
    • ‘The Green Dining Room is one of the first imperial rooms in Russia to incorporate a fireplace and marble mantelpiece; until then, the preference had been for Dutch-tiled corner ovens.’
    • ‘Considering some fields - such as the production of Dutch-tiled stoves - there is an indication to the possibility of increased exports, particularly to Russia.’