Definition of Dutch uncle in English:

Dutch uncle


informalNorth American
  • A person giving firm but benevolent advice.

    ‘some you can talk to like a Dutch uncle’
    • ‘‘According to the dictionary,’ he explains ‘a Dutch uncle is someone who judges and criticises others harshly, even if their intentions are good.’’
    • ‘‘He was like a Dutch uncle,’ the clerk told our publication.’
    • ‘Throughout the campaign, he would prove the Dutch uncle, the voice of unflinching candor and irrepressible reason.’
    • ‘Now that you have proved that subtlety is useless in this situation, you must speak to this woman as a Dutch uncle… well, aunt.’
    • ‘Last week he talked like a Dutch uncle to a Manhattan gathering of 600 medicos and hospital administrators.’
    • ‘And that's essentially one of the reasons why he was not delighted when I visited him twice in jail here, to see me, was because instead of talking to him as a, the adoring spouse that I had been before, I was talking to him like a Dutch uncle, and he did not like that.’
    counsellor, mentor, guide, consultant, consultee, confidant, confidante, guide, right hand man, right hand woman, aide, helper