Definition of Dutchman's pipe in English:

Dutchman's pipe


  • A vigorous climbing vine with hooked tubular flowers, native to eastern North America.

    Aristolochia durior, family Aristolochiaceae

    • ‘And many annual vines - Dutchman's pipe, morning glories, moonflower, sweet peas, nasturtiums - grown by our grandparents hold appeal as heirlooms.’
    • ‘For example, heat generation has turned up in certain plants of these ancient lineages of flowering plants: the magnolias, Dutchman's pipes, star anises, custard apples, and water lilies.’
    • ‘Natural climbers such as clematis, Dutchman's pipe, and kiwi vines only need to be redirected as required.’
    • ‘Dutchman's pipe is a root-hardy conversation piece with 8-inch mottled blooms during the warm months.’
    • ‘Vines such as the showy rangoon creeper and the unusual Dutchman's pipe offer months of blooms, but these might prove too vigorous.’