Definition of duteously in English:




See duteous

  • ‘Patches of skin and blood were found on various living room walls and the cops had duteously sent several wallpaper swatches to the crime lab, skin and blood intact.’
  • ‘This approach, in which Mainland China makes the judgment and Hong Kong duteously follows, highlights the most dangerous aspect of the proposed law.’
  • ‘He emptied the compartments duteously, packed the unsold goods in large canvas sacks, tidying them away behind the two bottom doors of his cart.’
  • ‘And yet we are wont to date our birth, as that of the babes we christen, from the body's advent, so duteously inscribed in our family registers, as if time and space could chronicle the periods of the immortal mind, and mark its longevity by our chronometers.’
  • ‘Secondly, the sex scenes are mostly implied, which is a welcome break for everyone tired of sitting duteously in darkened theatres through in-your-face sex to the last gasp, waiting for the time when films once again celebrate subtleties and the gift of imagination.’