Definition of DVD-R in English:



  • A DVD which can be recorded on once only.

    • ‘Simply copying a DVD's visible files to a hard drive, DVD-R, or other recordable medium won't transfer the keys needed to decrypt the content.’
    • ‘It recommends users work with the DVD-RAM disc format until they have a video or some data that they want to share with someone else and then burn it from the DVD-RAM to the DVD-R, much like you would copy a CD on a CD-RW drive.’
    • ‘Writing 336MB of mixed files to a DVD-R took eight minutes 42 seconds, with a DVD-RW disc coming in at 14 minutes 18 seconds.’
    • ‘A DVD / CD-RW offers DVD playback and CD-Rom recording, while a DVD-R / CD-RW will record both DVDs and CD-Roms.’
    • ‘You can easily record from the broadband box to a DVD-R or to a generic PVR.’
    • ‘Some allow you to capture MPEG 2 (the native format of DVD video) video onto the tape, which means the video cam be put straight onto a DVD-R or RW without further transcoding from DV to MPEG.’
    • ‘A CD-R will store 800MB of data and a DVD-R 4.6GB.’


Abbreviation of DVD recordable.