Definition of DVD-ROM in English:



  • A DVD used in a computer for displaying data.

    • ‘First, we chose one master machine and loaded up its SCSI interface with six hard disks and a DVD-ROM.’
    • ‘The 9900 ci is still a little more expensive than the stand-alone competition, but you're only paying about an extra £30 and you get a DVD-ROM thrown in as well.’
    • ‘For a bit more money you can get a CD-RW that records CDs or a DVD-ROM that plays DVD movies.’
    • ‘The Atlas consists of 10 separate power type connectors providing both 12V and 5V to plug into your hard drives, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, CD-RWs, etc.’
    • ‘The DVD-ROM in the console is 2-5x compared to the other's 2x speed.’
    • ‘The HDD was mounted in the right hand side of the case; it was thin enough and also ran cool enough to allow it to sit underneath where the DVD-ROM was to be located.’
    • ‘It was either that or wander to the nearby video store to rent a movie (the laptop is equipped with a DVD-ROM, lucky me!’
    • ‘Of course, audio of this quality may easily be recorded on a PC, stored on a DVD-ROM, and then played back however you want to play it back.’
    • ‘They are very similar to the old DVD-ROM, and therefore the right choice for storing movies or game content permanently.’


Abbreviation from DVD read-only memory.