Definition of DVD-RAM in English:



  • 1A blank DVD on which data, including music and movies, can be permanently recorded and read using the DVD-RAM format. A DVD-RAM discs can be recorded over many times, but will only play back in a DVD-RAM drive.

    ‘It offers high-speed dubbing from hard disk drive onto DVD-RAM at speeds of 40x and onto DVD-R disc up to 64x in EP mode.’
    • ‘Only that company uses DVD-RAM, which looks like a round disc in a square plastic box.’
    • ‘Cprm employs a similar methodology, but is designed exclusively for recordable media like DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, SD flash memory and ATAPI storage.’
    1. 1.1A format for recordable DVDs used by some companies.
      ‘The disc that was formerly called HD DVD-RW is largely founded on DVD-RAM, whereas the format that will now be known as HD DVD-RW is more basic and, we understand, more suitable for a dual-layer version.’
      • ‘For networked environments and high-capacity applications, the DVD choice is clear; DVD-RAM and DVD Multi-drives are the order of the day.’
      • ‘This could take DVD-RAM out of the offline side, where it's been used for archiving and backup, and put it into online storage.’
      • ‘It announced the multimedia appliance, which supports DVD-RAM and ROM.’
      • ‘But now I'm seeing DVD-RAM drives that also write CDs; and there's supposed to be a drive coming out this Spring that writes both rewritable DVD-RAM and write-once DVD-R.’
      • ‘There currently are three: DVD-R / RW, DVD + R / + RW and DVD-RAM.’
      • ‘They have the resources to do that and DVD + RW would be highly competitive against DVD-RAM if they were to accomplish that in 2000.’
      • ‘The drive can be anything in a half-height form factor, so with DVD-RAM you can put about 3TB of data in that box.’
      • ‘Read speeds are 12X for DVD-ROM, 3X for DVD-RAM, 10X for other writable and rewritable DVD formats, and 32X for CD-ROM.’
      • ‘It doesn't matter what media you buy - except, of course, DVD-RAM, which is only supported by the Iomega drive.’
      • ‘Not all DVD drives accept DVD-RAM, although the DV40's drive accepts bare-naked CDs.’
      • ‘While DVD-RAM for proprietary storage jukeboxes may be a viable prospect, the technology is losing ground in the optical standards race.’
      • ‘But DVD-RAM is backed by some big Japanese consumer electronics companies, many of them DVD Forum members, and the trade body clearly wants them on-side when the world goes HD.’
      • ‘It recommends users work with the DVD-RAM disc format until they have a video or some data that they want to share with someone else and then burn it from the DVD-RAM to the DVD-R, much like you would copy a CD on a CD-RW drive.’


Abbreviation of DVD recordable.