Definition of DW in English:



  • A person's wife (particularly used in online forums)

    • ‘my DW and I spent our anniversary at Meadow Lake Resort in Columbia Falls’
    • ‘Don't travel much these days - DW doesn't like travel!’
    • ‘My DW wants me to get rid of some t-shirts: how many T's do YOU own?’
    • ‘My DW is returning to the UK on the 31st March after a long spell in the US.’
    • ‘DW had to get up early this morning to finish packing for a business trip.’
    • ‘I was thinking about taking my DW to Disneyland for a quick 3-4 day getaway vacation.’
    • ‘DW said she'd love something hand-made from the kids this year.’
    • ‘DW is spending the whole weekend scrapbooking with my mom.’
    • ‘My DW has begged her siblings for help in financially supporting their parents.’
    • ‘My dw loves oatcakes and says she can't live with out them for two weeks - does anyone know if they sell oatcakes in Orlando?’
    • ‘So I did the taxes on Saturday - my DW wasn't happy when it turned out we were getting about $4000 back and I didn't do them earlier.’
    • ‘In just a couple days, DW and I will be leaving on a business/pleasure trip to Palm Beach.’
    • ‘The DW's parents live 15 minutes away, so they have seen our DS a few more times than my parents, who live 2.5 hours away.’
    • ‘DW's dad always called her brother and her crazy nicknames.’


1990s abbreviation of darling wife or dear wife.