Definition of dwell time in English:

dwell time


mass nountechnical
  • Time spent in the same position, area, stage of a process, etc.

    ‘the dwell time of the fibres in the drum’
    count noun ‘the dwell times of the different lasers’
    • ‘Critical in postassembly dispense processes, flow or dwell time is the time required to allow dispensed adhesive to fully flow into the well and core.’
    • ‘A nonparametric kernel density estimate is constructed by representing each sojourn by a kernel function positioned at the actual value of the sampled dwell time.’
    • ‘These ‘multi-tau’ correlators calculate the correlation function using many different dwell times in comparison with the single dwell time used in earlier linear correlators.’
    • ‘About fifteen minutes before impact, Rosetta will start observing the comet with shorter dwell time, as fast changes are expected due to the impact.’
    • ‘The dwell time of the powder ignition doesn't have a chance to appreciably raise the temperature of the lead.’