Definition of dweller in English:



  • A person or animal that lives in or at a specified place.

    ‘city dwellers’
    ‘the majority of urban dwellers live in small apartments’
    • ‘Past efforts to try to entice dwellers to stay in rural settings have failed.’
    • ‘Where possible, slum dwellers are allowed to buy the land they are "squatting" on.’
    • ‘Later, their decay uses up oxygen needed by fish and other aquatic dwellers.’
    • ‘For most New York City apartment dwellers, though, the answer lies somewhere in between.’
    • ‘Wooden shoes are an item of traditional dress among rural dwellers in the interior of the region.’
    • ‘Most of the exhibitions left the viewers with the conviction that the most authentic identity of an urban environment is determined by its dwellers.’
    • ‘Care of infants is largely a female responsibility, though forest dwellers tend to share parental duties.’
    • ‘Peasants and town dwellers paid numerous taxes to the church.’
    • ‘Dwellers can enjoy a manageable home and a fashionable address that is accessible to both work and social amenities.’
    • ‘Some anthropologists believe that the very earliest cave dwellers used everything from thorns, sticks, bones and stone to fashion crude hair pins.’