Definition of dye laser in English:

dye laser


  • A tunable laser using the fluorescence of an organic dye.

    • ‘Spectral holes were burnt in the bands with the tunable dye laser.’
    • ‘This potential new use of the pulsed dye laser as a biostimulation tool adds another facet onto the evolving picture of techniques for scar revision, Dr. Lack said.’
    • ‘A computer scans the dye laser, fits the single exponential decay from the scope, and plots the per pass losses of the cavity as a function of wavelength.’
    • ‘For the transient absorption measurements, the same dye laser was used for the excitation, and the absorption change was probed at 543.5 nm.’
    • ‘Researchers also found that photodynamics and pulsed dye laser had limited success, though the two therapies ‘may hold promise for the future.’’