Definition of dyed in the wool in English:

dyed in the wool


  • Unchanging in a particular belief or opinion; inveterate.

    ‘she's a true blue dyed-in-the-wool Conservative’
    • ‘Well, I suppose if you were a Dodger fan you might have a different view of things, but, as I am a dyed in the wool Angel fan, I was ecstatic with our 9-shelling of the Dodger bullpen.’
    • ‘A haunter of bookshops since his childhood, spent north and west of Kensington Gardens, he was a dyed in the wool bookman, and was perhaps the last Man of Letters to have read ‘everything’.’
    • ‘My grandfather, who is a dear man, but a dyed in the wool Socialist, told me that the general was a traitor to his race for taking a job with third administration.’
    • ‘This guy used to be a dyed in the wool reactionary but I've noticed that lately he's been well… pretty sensible and rational.’
    • ‘There is nothing for you here - I'm a dyed in the wool centre lefter.’
    • ‘Now I am a dyed in the wool Alabama fan, but I must admit I had a great time at the game.’
    • ‘She was a dyed in the wool Londoner and his family didn't really approve.’
    • ‘Being a dyed in the wool racer, I admit I will watch anything going round and round, even if it has a lawn mower engine.’
    • ‘Being a dyed in the wool researcher, he uncovers many facts not generally known, in his quest for the real origins of present day English.’
    inveterate, confirmed, entrenched, established, long-established, long-standing, deep-rooted, diehard, complete, absolute, utter, thorough, thoroughgoing, out-and-out, true blue, through and through