Definition of dyestuff in English:



  • A substance yielding a dye or that can be used as a dye, especially when in solution.

    • ‘Loosening makes the tanning agents, fats, dyestuffs and other substances, penetrate easily into the hide.’
    • ‘Germany had a virtual monopoly of the production of artificial dyestuffs, in which the record of the Badische Anilin and Soda Fabrik at Ludwigshafen was outstanding.’
    • ‘If the term high-tech had been in use around 1860, it would certainly have applied to the industrial manufacture of synthetic dyestuffs.’
    • ‘Crimson comes ultimately from the name of a small insect from which a red dyestuff is obtained.’
    • ‘Whereas the alizarin molecules made synthetically were identical to those extracted from madder root, the actual synthetic dyestuff was different from the natural dye.’
    colourant, colouring agent, colouring, colour, dyestuff, pigment, tint, stain, wash