Definition of dynamic viscosity in English:

dynamic viscosity


  • A quantity measuring the force needed to overcome internal friction in a fluid.

    ‘It is often more convenient to measure a quantity known as the kinematic viscosity, which is the dynamic viscosity divided by the fluid density and is measured in centiStokes (cSt).’
    • ‘First, individual particles settle through fluid to reach a terminal velocity that is a function of particle size, density contrast and fluid dynamic viscosity.’
    • ‘Hydraulic conductivity is defined as the product of the intrinsic permeability and the specific weight of water, divided by the dynamic viscosity.’
    • ‘Changes of the modulus of elasticity, the coefficient of dynamic viscosity, the membrane capacitance, and membrane potentials as well as dipole reorientations are reported.’
    • ‘The magnitude of the dynamic viscosity in the bacterial bath was determined by separating the thermal and active correlation timescales in the trapped bead fluctuations.’


dynamic viscosity

/dīˈnamik ˌvisˈkäsədē/ /daɪˈnæmɪk ˌvɪsˈkɑsədi/