Definition of dynamically in English:



  • 1In a manner characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

    ‘this situation can change dynamically on the timescale of minutes’
    ‘plants must respond dynamically to environmental changes’
    • ‘The work will continue to change dynamically, requiring quantum leaps in talent development.’
    • ‘Instead, in general relativity the properties of space and time evolve dynamically in interaction with everything they contain.’
    • ‘Museums develop and the best museums develop dynamically, not just in response to topical agendas.’
    • ‘He recommends systems thinking as an approach to managing dynamically complex systems.’
    • ‘Our study revealed a pattern of association that described how polar bears responded dynamically to fluctuations in sea ice characteristics.’
    • ‘While he was alive, his developments were still dynamically in progress, as he repeatedly tried to impress upon his students.’
    • ‘There are more than 100 emerging markets around the world that have dynamically growing telecom sectors.’
    • ‘Its industry and population are growing dynamically, so its energy demands are producing geopolitical synergy with Russia and Iran.’
    • ‘A number of graduates gained advantageous positions in the dynamically developing banking sector.’
    • ‘We also know that no matter how dynamically the economy expands, it does not eliminate all poverty.’
    1. 1.1In a way that relates to motion.
      ‘these bones act dynamically to allow oppositional grip’
      • ‘Animals navigate treacherous terrain by modulating limbs dynamically, selectively - and quickly’
      • ‘In optical movement, the eye is forced to move around the picture dynamically in order to see all the different elements.’
      • ‘Some of this happens by dynamic airway closure and some by reflexly narrowing the glottis and using it to dynamically slow or control respiration.’
    2. 1.2Computing Used in relation to web pages that update frequently or are generated according to an individual's search terms.
      ‘a robust, dynamically generated website’
      ‘dynamically linked versions of the browser’
      • ‘Going by many titles, they all point to the same vision: a virtual pool of data center resources dynamically responsive to user demands.’
      • ‘Play with the slider until the dynamically resized spreadsheet appears on the virtual page at the size you want.’
      • ‘The web server tier, a stronghold of Linux, is characterized by either read-only or dynamically created data.’
      • ‘The new Effects palette aids in keeping effects organized more efficiently, dynamically showing the effects applied to the selected layer.’
      • ‘Search engines are not good at understanding dynamically generated web pages.’
  • 2In a positive, energetic, and innovative manner.

    ‘innovative openings were often dynamically charged’
    ‘the chairman will continue to act dynamically’
    • ‘Labour has only rarely thought carefully or dynamically about the Home Office.’
    • ‘Mr Simon suggested that the committee is "not sufficiently dynamically responsive to a crisis".’
    • ‘Some respond actively and dynamically and use pain and setbacks to spur themselves on to greater things.’
    • ‘It deals fearlessly and dynamically with the crucial problems of our own day and generation.’
    • ‘He gets up from his chair and dynamically grabs a piece of chalk to write on the board.’
    • ‘Finally, he lived his life dynamically and creatively.’
    • ‘The New York-based choreographer thrills audiences with his freshly original, dynamically intense dances.’
    • ‘His production was described as the most dynamically theatrical reading of the plays in forty years.’
    • ‘It's a fast-paced, dynamically choreographed show that features dancing, singing and some masterful drumming.’
    • ‘Under Delacroix's brush, moreover, allusions to disease are paradoxically conveyed through energized forms and dynamically vital strokes.’
  • 3Music
    In a way that relates to the volume of sound produced by an instrument, voice, or recording.

    ‘the stereo mix is clearer and more dynamically sound’
    ‘the playing wasn't dynamically varied’
    • ‘I like multiband dynamics for stereo pair processing like backing vocals or huge keyboards that I needed to scale back dynamically.’
    • ‘It allows the reverb effect to change dynamically, gradually or quickly with the environment change.’
    • ‘This kind of music needs to develop; either by repetition that builds dynamically or melodically.’
    • ‘The orchestral score is rich and brassy, only dynamically limited by its original source.’
    • ‘Dynamically, however, not every track is as striking as the band have proved themselves capable of.’