Definition of dynastic in English:



  • 1Relating to a line of hereditary rulers of a country.

    ‘the last dynastic rulers of Rome’
    ‘dynastic monarchies’
    • ‘He describes Plantagenet's dynastic claim to the throne deriving from Edward III.’
    • ‘In dynastic China, the most prestigious career was government service.’
    • ‘This interest in allying rulership with time and cosmos stands in full accord with the ceremonial and commemorative practices of Maya dynastic kingship.’
    • ‘Discussions of ritual first appeared in the dynastic records of the Han period and contributed to the histories of later dynasties.’
    • ‘Often concerned with kingship, dynastic conflicts, and battles, these tales are sometimes also referred to as the king cycle.’
    • ‘Henry V's strategy was Edward's - to ally with French nobles to exploit their divisions and press his own dynastic claim.’
    • ‘Although the Angevin monarchs no longer had most of their Angevin lands, their grand dynastic visions had not diminished.’
    • ‘Austria, with strong political and dynastic ties with Italy, was particularly italophile.’
    • ‘Emperor Xiaowen sought to center himself within the historical, geopolitical, and ritual complex of Chinese rulership and dynastic succession.’
    • ‘By moving their capital to Delhi, then, the British symbolically sought to resolve centuries of dynastic struggle for control of the subcontinent.’
    1. 1.1Relating to a succession of people from the same family who play a prominent role in business, politics, or another field.
      ‘the plot concerns the dynastic struggles of two brothers’
      • ‘In the US, the ultra-affluent knew they were barely taxed so they made up for it with personal and dynastic philanthropy: think Carnegie, Mellon and Rockefeller.’
      • ‘Well, they do say that American politics is strangely dynastic for a democracy.’
      • ‘Do we have too much dynastic power in American politics?’
      • ‘The new machines carried the day and the exclusiveness of skilled workers, who had established an almost dynastic monopoly of some crafts, was broken down.’
      • ‘In many cases, management of the mills is almost dynastic, with families of rich farmers governing the mill as if it belongs to them and not to the shareholders.’
      • ‘There was a strong dynastic element in the composition of these workshop teams.’
      • ‘The announcement leaves 32 - year-old James, who runs the corporation's British satellite TV operation, as the only dynastic heir.’
      • ‘These inventions awaited that other great dynastic prodigy, J S Bach, after his birth in 1685.’
      • ‘He also put himself in a better position to solve a problem endemic in dynastic businesses: no male heir.’
      • ‘Some observers warn that the return of dynastic families in the US is a dangerous trend.’