Definition of dyno in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdīnō/ /ˈdaɪnoʊ/


  • 1

    short for dynamometer

    ‘Initial tests on the dyno have produced 1,540 horsepower.’
    short for dynamometer
    • ‘‘We've had the car in the wind tunnel and on the chassis dyno,’ Labbe says.’
    • ‘Recently, I watched a guy test his '66 Chevelle on the chassis dyno.’
    • ‘The HP correction factor is designed to correct the observed torque from the dyno to standard day conditions by multiplying by this factor.’
    • ‘A few adjustments can be made to the carburetor to improve drivability; however, any serious performance tuning should be done on a dyno (chassis or engine) or at the track.’
    • ‘Automatic cars generally need more torque, and regardless of what the dyno might reveal, these cars will accelerate quicker with better intake velocity in the midrange.’
    • ‘I also have a chassis dyno that I can use between races.’
    • ‘Both the Spintron and the dyno have convinced me that a valve spring performs best when it runs in a certain relationship with the cam lobe.’
    • ‘We explore a number of avenues, some of which turn out to be workable and we have two dynos dedicated exclusively to development.’
    • ‘He has virtually no in-house resources in this critical area, save for the race team's dynos.’
    • ‘‘We get the engine straight from Sonny, all packaged, right off the dyno,’ Mitsos said.’
    • ‘Virtually every high-horsepower racing engine that is built at a professional shop is tested and tuned on a dyno before it is delivered.’
    • ‘Few ideas are wrong in their conception; it takes a dyno or a racetrack to prove otherwise.’
    • ‘We spent some time tuning up the ZZ572 on our dyno, and it responded favorably to our efforts.’
    • ‘I thought we would do better here, but the motor just didn't look as good on the track as it did on the dyno at home.’
    • ‘The P84 has already been tested on the dyno and in one of last year's cars.’
    • ‘We hope to run the new model on the dyno later in the year to get as much mileage on it as possible, but ideally we will run it in a car at tests before the season is finished.’
    • ‘There was an RS24C development project, which was pursued on the dyno, but which did not go in the car.’
    • ‘Furthermore, we have used extremely aggressive approval processes on the dyno.’
    • ‘When we put an engine on the dyno and it makes 10 or 15 more horsepower, that's my high.’
  • 2Climbing
    A rapid move across a rock face in order to reach a hold.

    ‘For those of you not familiar with the Elbsandsteingebirge, some routes require horizontal dynos.’
    • ‘He solos unroped up a cliff, performing an unlikely series of dynos and crucifix-style deadman hangs.’

verbdynos, dynoing, dyno'd, dynoed

  • 1with object Measure (the output of an engine) with a dynamometer.

    ‘Teammate Jason Line then drove all night to the shop, dyno'd the engine, and returned it to Atlanta Dragway at 3 a.m. Sunday for the boss to use.’
    • ‘In addition, we're going to dyno our engines, freshen our transmissions, and figure out a combination that will make us fast right out of the box.’
    • ‘We take the engine apart and dyno it to check that it's close to where it was.’
    • ‘The 7.70 came on the first pass with a new SRT - 4 engine, which had never been dynoed or tested.’
    • ‘While there's the option to dyno your car, providing tweaks to the speed, handling and other stats of your vehicle, it's not really necessary to be successful.’
  • 2no object (in mountaineering) climb using dynos.

    • ‘Shifting my weight onto my leg even more I then dynoed about a foot higher to an extremely tiny hold that is made harder to latch because the opening in the crack is so incredibly narrow.’